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Peugeot Metropolis 400i-Three wheel scooter

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Colour(s): GreySilverWhite
Engine: 400cc
Power: 27.4kW
Licence Type: A2 or B License Type Required
Stroke Type: 4-Stroke
Transmission: Auto
Cooling: Liquid Cooled
Seat Height: 780 mm
Weight: 258 kg
Front Brakes: Disc
Rear Brakes: Disc
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Slender (less than 75 cm wide) and with dual tilting wheels at the front for extra grip, the Peugeot Metropolis offers urban mobility in a premium package. And fitted with the new 400cc LFE PowerMotion engine, combining class-leading performance with extra torque at low revs and improved fuel economy, Peugeot’s three wheel scooter is equally at home on the open road. This A2 category motorcycle can be ridden on a car licence by drivers who passed their test before 19 January 2013 and is packed with innovations - Dual Tilting front wheels, combined Synchro Braking System, contactless smart-key ignition, electronic parking brake and an adjustable screen. For 2017 the frame has been re-engineered, making it 50% stiffer, and the suspension settings adjusted to give enhanced comfort and road-holding. The scooter can the locked in an upright position when stationary - making parking easier - and there is also an electronic parking brake, which is really useful when stopping on an incline.

The combined brake system (SBC) activates the front and rear brakes simultaneously, when the left hand lever or the pedal is applied, for more efficient and safer braking. A pressure regulator prevents the vehicle from nose-diving or the rear wheel from locking during prolonged braking. As an additional safety feature, the Peugeot Metropolis is equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) between the front wheels: five powerful LED daytime lights significantly increase visibility in traffic. It is the only scooter with these fitted as standard. Relevant information, including average fuel consumption and outside temperature, is provided by the digital on-board computer and the Peugeot Metropolis is unlocked with an electronic "smart key" that operates within a radius of 1.5 m around the scooter. Twin storage bays located beneath the seat and boot can be independently opened remotely using buttons on the dashboard, revealing generous luggage space, and there is a 12-volt USB power socket in the glove box.

  • Engine:                      400cc 4-valve injection Liquid Cooled
  • Power:                        27.4kW / 37 HP
  • Fuel consumption:  72 mpg (combined)
  • Safety:                        SBC Synchro Braking Concept, Daytime Running Lights
  • Transmission:           Automatic
  • L x W x H:                  2160 x 745 x 1445 mm
  • Wheelbase:               1555 mm
  • Seat Height:              780 mm
  • Kerb Weight:             258 kg
  • Fuel capacity            13.5L
  • Tyres:                          120/70 – 12’’ (Front) 140/70 – 14’’ (Rear)
  • Brakes:                       Twin 200 mm discs (Front) 240 mm disc (Rear)
  • Licence Type:           A2 or B License Type Required

Peugeot scooter

Top quality, experience and 110 years history

A key player in urban mobility in Europe for 113 years, Peugeot Scooters holds the title as the oldest two-wheels motor vehicle manufacturer in the world. With its history of 110 years, Peugeot Scooters is resolutely geared towards the future. The adventure with mobility began in 1898 in the production plant in Beaulieu, Franche Comté. From the first cycle produced to the latest 100% electric scooter, our perpetually moving Brand never ceases to amaze with its ability to innovate and with its expertise.

Your safety is our priority

Peugeot Scooters highest priority. Although riding a scooter has great advantages, the rider is constantly exposed to the dangers of the road. This is why we will never compromise on the safety on-board of each of our vehicles. Innovation, quality and testing. Your safety is our priority.

A dealer network that spans the UK

When you buy a Peugeot Scooter you are buying into a national scooter dealer network and the support that it brings. The kind of support that you cannot get from 'grey' imports and internet only outlets. If you buy your Peugeot Scooter in Edinburgh and move to Southampton, you can take your Peugeot Scooter into the local Southampton dealer for it's service or repairs. Dealers in our national scooter network are in turn supported by our technical support and our 35 plus years experience.

2 years unlimited mileage warranty

"Peace of mind for 2 years, however far you travel"

A high level of build quality means we are able to offer our 2 years, unlimited mileage warranty on every model in our range of scooters. That's not all.Your warranty is on the scooter and not limited to you, so if you sell your scooter, the warranty is passed on to the new owner meaning you have higher resale value. Also your Peugeot Scooter warranty covers both parts and labour, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem. Some 'warranties' provided by other manufacturers only cover parts.

Buy parts from your local dealer or online

"Parts for your Peugeot Scooter both now and for the years to come"

Availabilty of scooter parts is a crucial factor in keeping your scooter on the road and in safe, working order. With 'grey' imports you never know how long you will be able to get parts and at what expense. With a Peugeot Scooter you can rest assured that your scooter will be supported for years to come, and when your scooter parts are purchased, they can be fitted by your local approved Peugeot Scooter technician.

Finance with competitive rates

We have teamed up with Black Horse Finance to bring you great finance deals. To see some approximate examples of finance on any model in the Peugeot Scooter range please go to finance section.

The name you can trust - Peugeot. Our diverse range of scooters is available to view here online and across the UK in our Authorised Peugeot Scooter Centres. If you like the Peugeot Metropolis 400i-Three wheel scooter Scooter then you may also be interested in these other models people have looked at:


Your local dealer should be able to supply you with Peugeot Metropolis 400i-Three wheel scooter scooter parts and accessories. A full list of all scooter parts and accessories are also available online . . .

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